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Solar Carports

Carport structures are simple, but require innovative engineering design for cost effectiveness, functionality and aesthetics. Orie2 Engineering has been retained as the structural engineer of record for carports throughout California including school parking lots.

Orie2 Engineering owns a Pre-Check (PC) solar carport structure that has been processed through the California Division State Architect (DSA) for expedited use on California school projects. The Pre-Check is not tied to a steel fabricator. Click for more information.

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Everything Solar

Everything Solar
Orie2 Engineering has extensive experience in everything solar:
- Ground Mount Systems
- Carport Systems
- Tracker Systems
- Rooftop Systems
- DSA School Projects

Orie2 Engineering is capable of developing custom racking solutions, and performing rooftop analysis.


Alvarado Solar

Rooftop Solar

The advantage to being a full service structural firm is that Orie2 Engineering not only understands how solar applications interface with the building, but how the building's structure works to resist the solar weight and wind and seismic loads. Orie2 Engineering has been the structural engineer of record on more than 200 rooftop solar projects. Our experience is with every roof type including standing seam, pre-engineered building roofs, metal deck over open-web steel truss joists, concrete roof slabs, wood framed commercial panelized or residential roofs.

Alvarado Solar

Unique Solar Solutions

Experience is important when it comes engineering and Orie2 Engineering has it. We have detailed and analyzed custom solar solutions for unique applications. Our skills and team work has successfully approached some of the most challenging projects.

Orie2 Engineering is has the experience and the capability of developing custom racking solutions, and performing detailed rooftop analysis to ensure structural adequacy of the structure.

Alvarado Solar
Orie2 Engineering is located at
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San Diego, CA 92126